My name is Connie Ruoff and I am glad that you have found your way to us. Here you will find topics that have to do with books or books new releases.

Book reviews from the fields of fantasy, science fiction, novels, thrillers, children's books, children's books and non-fiction books. Authors interviews with self-publishers and publishers

and since December, to my great pleasure, I have a guest presenter Karl-Heinz Zimmer.

Welcome, dear Karl-Heinz!

Since December, the blog has expanded to the section SP bookset (Karl-Heinz Zimmer). A huge win for us all. SPBuchsatz is a free book-set help for Selfpublisher, which Karl-Heinz provides for download free of charge. I'm very happy that Karl-Heinz moderates the division with us and provides the software.

A big thank you, dear Karl-Heinz!

Enjoy browsing!

Connie Ruoff

Book, book blogger or literature blog! Or maybe Schreibblogg? I do not think that these terms, of course apart from Schreibblogg great differences in content.

When asked what my favorite reading is, it's hard for me to limit myself to one genre. I love serious novels, High Fantasy, but I like to read Dark Fantasy as well. I deal a lot with philosophy. Sci-fi, which are dystopias or utopias, fascinate me.

When asked why I like to review Selfpublisher? Because the reader very often notes these books that they are written with passion. Self-publishers often write in difficult conditions. And yet they manage to release their "baby". Respect!


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